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Tarang, is a virtual voice assistant for parents that comforts them be acquainted with the happenings of the college and also convey how their wards are making headway both in academic and other events in the college.

Tarang runs as an application on Amazon Echo Show devices.

Tarang apprises about Attendance of the students, shows Live Classroom, shares Campus News, broadcasts videos of Campus TV Channel, help track College Bus, and disseminates Placement announcements and key statistics, Face to Face Mock Interviews, Study Material Viewer and Reader, and many more in near future.

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Available Devices

Echo Show(10 inch)-Rs.22,999.00

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Echo Show(5.5 inch)-Rs.8,999.00

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Live Classroom

Campus News

Campus T.V.


Bus Tracking


1. How do I order the device?

Visit URL to place order for Tarang device.

2. Amazon Echo Show devices are available online. Why do I need to take the device from college only?

Because, that device must be mapped with your wards Rollno and your information so that it shows and provides information relevant to you and your ward.

3. Does the college charge more than the actual price if it supplies the Amazon Echo Show?

No, the college will not charge even a single rupee than the online price of the device.

4. Is the warranty still be valid if I purchase Amazon Echo Show from college?

No, you would not loose warranty of the device if purchased from college.

5. Is the Amazon Echo Show device delivered to our home?

No, you must collect it from the college. At the time of delivery, our engineers will demonstrate all features and provide instructions on how to use it without any issues.

6. Can I use the device for other apps?

Yes, you can use it as any other voice virtual assistant. You can enable and enjoy other skills along with Tarang.

7. As the device must be always given power for its working, does it consume more electricity?

Amazon has designed it to be a low power consuming device.

8. What is the minimum Internet bandwidth needed to use Amazon Echo Show?

Recommended bandwidth is 2 Mbps for an enriching and entertaining experience.

9. What is Attendance feature? How do I use it?

Attendance feature apprises you more details of your ward's attendance. You can check if your ward is/was in the college on any day. It will help you know the overall attendance percentage and other suggestions and information about attendance.

You can say like,

Alexa, get my wards attendance

Alexa, did my ward attend college today?

Alexa, what is my wards overall attendance?

10. What is Live Classroom feature? How do I use it?

Live Classroom feature takes you into the classroom of your ward. You can see it yourself if your ward is in the college or not.

You can say like,

Alexa, show my wards classroom

Alexa, show Cam 1

Alexa, Switch to Cam 2

Alexa, open live classroom

11. What is Campus News feature? How do I use it?

Campus News feature shares the important notifications, announcements, schedule of events that parents must know.

You can say like,

Alexa, open campus news

Alexa, whats latest in campus news

12. What is Campus T.V. feature? How do I use it?

Campus T.V. broadcasts programs enacted by students, shows mock interviews and many more things.

You can say like,

Alexa, show CampusTV

Alexa, show recent videos of CampusTV

Alexa, show the latest videos of CampusTV.

13. What is Placements feature? How do I use it?

Placements feature gives both current and historical placements statistics. It provides the schedule of interviews, details of companies visited and offers they made.

You can say like,

Alexa, whats the latest placement news

Alexa, what companies visited KMIT last year?

Alexa, Tell me how many offers were made by Kony Labs this year?

Alexa, what is highest package offered till now?

Alexa, what is the average package of Virtusa?

Alexa, how many students got package above 10 lakhs?

14. What is Bus Tracking feature? How do I use it?

Bus Tracking feature help parents know, if the college has started the trip, the current location. It will help parents plan pick-up and drop their wards at the bus stops.

15. I have Tarang device, do I need to install Sanjaya on my phone?

It is Optional.

If you want to know more about your ward and college while on move, then you need to install Sanjaya app on your mobile phone because Tarang device is fixed and mostly it will be in your drawing rooms.

16. I have Tarang device, does my ward need to install Netra on his/her phone?

Yes, it is mandatory because Netra will be useful in the campus for your identification and for quick access to important announcements while in the campus.