The Social Classroom

Having learnt the courses through our digital learning platform it is equally important to connect through a traditional environment. We call it the Social Classroom.

The idea of Social Classroom is to share avenues which provide a great platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas not only between teachers and students but also among students themselves.

A typical Class is technology-driven and learner-centric, with the faculty as a facilitator. 

So what am I going to do in a Social classroom?

We’ve put together a list of the ways you will utilize the true value of Social Classroom to create a quality learning environment

  • Project Implementation:

    After completion of each course you are supposed to visit the social classroom on Saturdays/Sundays to implement a pre defined project. Teams are formed and projects assigned by the faculty. Here is your chance to implement all things learnt and showcase your competence not just as an individual but as a team. Here Evaluation involves handing in manually graded assignments.

  • Problem solving sessions:

    Lets imagine Your Aptitude faculty having covered the logical reasoning syllabus would want to understand your capabilities and competencies. These sessions help faculty understand its virtual students on a one-on- one basis. Here is your chance to meet and interact with the faculty who taught you all through.

  • Group discussions, Just A Minute(JAM) and Face- to- Face Mock Interviews:

    All these need close conversations, face to face interactions with the faculty. This will bring homogeneity to a heterogeneous audience

  • Hackathons:

    A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development, collaborate intensively on software projects or competitions. We plan to organize regular hackathons to bolster student enthusiasm on a range of technologies like android app development, big data, R programming, Internet of Things etc

  • Workshops:

    We plan to bring industry experts on a regular basis to talk about latest trends in technology space. Hands on workshop on Internet of Things etc are on the cards.

Where is this place and how do I reach there?

Lush green lawns and expansive buildings welcome you to the Social Classroom.

Neil Gogte Institute of Technology

Survey no:35, Kachivansingaran village, next to parvatapur
5 kms from Uppal ring road.

It is advised to bring your own lunch however arrangements can be made on prior intimation.

Bus facility will be provided from Uppal at 10am and 11am on designated days.
Though it is not mandatory we highly recommend and insist upon your participation. You will not only get to interact with the faculty but also with other students from your course. More importantly you will learn to work in teams and implement interesting projects.
It is open for all the students who have joined Finishing School course and is free of cost.
No you cannot join only ‘The Social Classroom’. You need to enroll for the Finishing School course to be able to join it.
The motivation to start The Social Classroom is to have student-faculty interaction and understand students better through various tasks assigned to them. Students have to attend only on designated days and if they miss a session they can take it up in their next designated visit.
The Social Classroom has state of the art infrastructure including top end work-stations. While we have the necessary support your own laptop can help you do projects/tasks at your own time and will.
Of course you can work on the project at home. The Social Classroom is a feel free environment to engage and interact with peers and faculty. Infact the time spent at the center should be well utilized for information gathering, teamXchane and so on.

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